Dubai to build world's first 3D printed office (AE)

Plans have been revealed in Dubai for the world’s first fully functional 3D printed building, an ambitious move that will establish the UAE’s position as the global centre of technology in architecture construction and design.
The building will be located close to the ‘Museum of the Future’, launched earlier this year in Dubai, and will act as temporary headquarters for its staff. It will be approx. 2,000 ft² (approx. 186 m²) in size and will be printed layer-by-layer using a 20-foot (approx. 6 m) tall 3D printer, then assembled on site in a matter of weeks. All interior furniture, detailing, and structural components will also be built using 3D printing technology. This will make it the most advanced, fully functional 3D printed building to date.
The project is the first major initiative of the ‘Museum of the Future’ and is part of a larger partnership between Dubai and WinSun Global - a joint venture between Chinese 3D printing technology firm WinSun and international investors - along with leading global architecture and engineering firms Gensler, Thornton Thomasetti, and Syska Hennessy.
Experts estimate that 3D printing technology can reduce production times by 50-70%, reduce labour costs by 50-80%, and can save between 30-60% of construction waste. These savings translate to enhanced productivity, higher economic return, and increased sustainability.
Source: Museum of the Future

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