EPRA represents the publicly traded real estate sector in Europe.

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Philip Charls
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Fraser Hughes
Research Director
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Gareth Lewis
Finance Director
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Dominic Turnbull
Events&Digital Media Director
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Mohamed Abdel Rahim
Financial Reporting Manager
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Ali Zaidi
Senior Analyst
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Laurens te Beek
Data Analyst
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Maikel Speelman
Senior Analyst

Mission and objectives

EPRA’s mission is to promote, develop and represent the European public real estate sector. We achieve this through the provision of better information to investors and stakeholders, active involvement in the public and political debate, improve-ment of the general operating environment, encouragement of best practices and cohesion, and strengthening of the industry.


Membership, organization and activities

EPRA is a members’ association.

Its members total €1.1 trillion worth of real estate exposure and cover the whole spectrum of the listed real estate industry, from property companies and investors to appraisers, banks, and academics. EPRA relies on the close involvement of its members to develop coordinated policy positions and exchange best practices. This work is carried out in a number of committees.

EPRA’s daily work and activities are managed and carried out by a staff of 10. EPRA activity areas include Reporting & Regulation, Research, Indices & Investor Outreach, and Events/Networking.

EPRA produces a wide range of publications on a monthly basis, such as its Statistical Bulletin, NAV and transactions reports, among other analytical documents. On an annual basis, the Best Practices Recommendations (BPRs) and Global REIT Survey, which is the definitive guide to REIT and REIT-like regimes worldwide. It also runs a comprehensive reporting calendar for the industry:

More information

EPRA - The European Public Real Estate Association

Square de Meeus 23
1000 Brussels

Tel: +32 (0)2739 1010

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