Fawaz Al-Issa, Turkapital Holding

Turkapital was founded in 2007 with the objective of becoming the leading channel for investments from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries into Turkey and Eurasia. Fawaz Al-Issa, Vice Chairman & CEO of Turkapital Holding spoke to Turkey Real Estate about the increased interest Turkey presents for international investors, especially from the GCC.

Who is Turkapital and what are you active in at the moment?

Turkapital was established and officially registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2007 with a capital of US $150 million. The objective was to invest in Turkey and the region in private equity, real estate, and infrastructure. Since 2007, TK concluded several viable and successful investments such as the acquisition of Autoland (auto fleet leasing) with a current total fleet size of 4,500. TK established Neova Sigorta, an alternative insurance company with a US $25 million capital. TK also owns several real estate companies with residential, warehousing, and commercial projects.    

Do you see increased investment interest in Turkey from the GCC countries in the past few years? What are the drivers of this interest?

There is an increased interest in Turkey from the GCC, as Turkey continues to offer attractive investment opportunities, especially in real estate. Also, this increased interest is attributed to the stable economy, proximity, and similar cultural traits.  

What would be your advice to potential investors in the region? What are the particularities and challenges that should be taken into account?

I suggest newcomers to study the market and the business environment thoroughly before entry, and to understand the legal, tax, and other issues with relevance to the business/investment. Also, teaming up with a local reputable partner will have its advantages.

Do you expect the growth in Turkey and Central Asia to continue?

I expect the growth to continue. There might be a few bumps every now and then, but I predict steady growth for the region in the long run.  

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