Kazakhstan seeks role as capital of ‘new silk road’


In mid-June, more than 4,000 participants from 100 countries attended 10th annual Astana Economic Forum. The forum focused primarily on renewable energy and green economy under the theme “New Energy – New Economy” as well as discussions of sustainable economic growth, world trade and infrastructure.

The forum hosted some notable key speakers, such as Jacob Frenkel, chairman of JP Morgan Chase International and former governor of the Bank of Israel, and Igor Shuvalov, first deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation.

During the forum, open panels and round tables were held, discussing a variety of topics regarding the future of Kazakhstan and the region.

Among them were sustainable economic growth, world trade and infrastructure and innovations and “green economy.”

The forum was held at the start of three-months-long Expo 2017 in June, which features a theme of future energy, and is hosting exhibitions from some 115 different countries and 22 global organizations.

In the middle of the round-formed facilities that hosts country-based pavilions, stands Nur Alem (Kazakh for “the light of the world”), the Kazakh eight-floor exhibition. Each floor has its own theme regarding the use of renewable energy, and ancient and local traditions that are relevant to the topic. For instance, the floor that shows the different uses that can be done with wind to create energy shows a global wind map side-by-side with Kazakh ancient beliefs about the power of wind.

Kazakhstan, which is rich with oil and gas, said it sees finding prominent solutions for future energy as one of it main goals.

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