LED lit buildings: a trend shining bright

The use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) in architecture underlines an energy-efficient, durable and powerful system of illuminating but also modern aesthetics in the light of advanced technology. Nowadays, an increased number of projects are developed using the colorful installations to highlight exterior facades, draw the attention to detail and add a pleasant atmosphere to the building as a whole. Diana Avram from Europe Real Estate looks at some of the most impressive LED lit buildings, which have a unique character especially at nighttime.

Baku Flame Towers | ©DIA Holdings

1. Baku’s Eternal Flame

The Flame Towers in Baku is a mixed-use development with residential, hotel, retail and office components, completely covered in LED luminaires. The three towers incorporate more than 10,000 high-power LEDs, which illuminate the skyline, typically displaying the movement of a fire. By using the spectacular display, the Flame Towers feature a design inspired by the region’s history of fire worshipping and outline a high-tech oriented capital city. The colorful installation can be used for special events and programmed to reflect animations or graphics.

Yas Viceroi Abu Dhabi Hotel | ©Rob_Alter

2. Abu Dhabi’s
F1 muse

The 5-star Yas Viceroi Abu Dhabi Hotel was designed to become an architectural landmark for Abu Dhabi. In order to achieve this status, Yas Viceroi has drawn its inspiration from motor racing, specifically Formula 1, and it has been constructed over a race circuit. A key element of the hotel’s elegant aesthetics is the 217 meter Grid-Shell, a glass and steel covering, which incorporates a 5,000 LEDs installation visible from miles away.

Agbar Tower | ©Nuria

3. Barcelona’s colorful Montserrat

Considered a symbol for Barcelona, the 39-story Agbar Tower (Torre Agbar) is said to have been inspired by nearby Montserrat Mountain. The office project, located at the entrance of Barcelona’s technological district, uses an installation of 4,500 LEDs, which are capable to alternate between color displays or images.

UNIQA Tower | ©Robb

4. Vienna’s shape-shifting illusion

The UNIQA Tower in Vienna is said to mark ‘beginning of the latest evolution in LED technology’ with its distinctive façade. The 75 meter tall office building is covered in 45,000 LED luminaires programmed to offer shape-shifting illusions through abstract motifs.

The use of LED installations in architecture can be considered a trend which outlines prominent projects and the leap towards global, technology-oriented cities.

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