Sustainable flooring company Avant wins Gaia International Award

Germany-based Avant Holding GmbH recently won the Gaia international award for the best sustainable flooring solutions.

Avant was chosen for its revolutionary strong flooring panels that can withstand the pressures of foot traffic at hotels, airports, shopping malls, office buildings and indoor stadiums. Moreover, the product is made up of sustainable materials, offers the user the beauty of wood without shedding a single tree.

Other features are that flooring solution does not expand or contract in response to environmental conditions, is reusable and recyclable. The panels are designed to have a natural look and feel, and are made from ultra-durable, sustainable materials that ensure the panels will never scuff, scratch, stain, rot or deform. 

The flooring's zero absorption properties mean it reflects cool air and thereby reduces air conditioner load - saving 25 per cent of electricity use, resulting in lower carbon emissions. Fifteen wooden grain shades are suitable for residential, commercials

 buildings and cruise liners. Avant Flooring comes with a 20-year interior warrantee.

ImageProxyCommenting on winning the Gaia award, Mr. Philip Mazloumian, Director of International Business at Avant Holding GmbH, said, "We are proud of winning the coveted award for sustainable flooring solutions in the Gaia awards. The award recognizes our global leadership in offering sustainable and top quality solutions to our consumers."

"Avant Flooring, researched and developed in Germany, is a next generation, sustainable composite flooring. The eco-friendly and energy saving flooring solutions reduce the carbon footprint, thereby protecting the planet and saving vital ecosystem such as trees and plants with our long term goal to maintain and protect Earth

," he added.

Mr. Mazloumian

further said, "The products enjoy a growing market share and have received wide acceptance around the world. Recognised

for its quality and unmatched durability, Avant products have been ranked as the next-generation products based on their innovative and eco-friendly features. Having already made a mark across the globe, Avant's interiors

solutions have been utilised

in leading hotel chains, residences, restaurants, resorts, yachts, cruise-ships, hospitals and water bus stations."

The Gaia Awards were launched in 2008 to honour

companies in the construction sector whose products and services demonstrate a reduction of construction's impact on the environment.

Source: Avant Flooring

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